Airflow Study of A Closed Room in the Public Spaces and Mass Transportation for Healthy and Safe from The Transmission of Covid19

20-31 Bagus Endar Bachtiar Nurhandoko, Rio K. Martha, Kaswandhi Triyoso, Satryo A. Wibowo, Sri Widowati

Post Pandemic Indonesian Regional Development Planning, New Normal, New Orientation: The Case of West Java

32-50 Satya Laksana

Synchronization of Policies and Performance Achievements: Which Should Come First?

51-70 Umi Listyaningsih, Sukamdi, Sonyaruri Satiti Ruri, Reni Pebrianti

Analysis of Recent Erosion Hazard Levels and Conservation Policy Recommendations for Lesti Subwatershed, Upper Brantas Watershed

71-93 Andi Setyo Pambudi, Setyo Sarwanto Moersidik, Mahawan Karuniasa

Firms' Technological Capabilities toward the Introduction of Industry 4.0: The Case of Supplier Firms in the Indonesia Automotive Industries

94-105 Tri Wisnuasih Pratiwi

Indonesian’s Industrial Decission on Self-Generated Electricity

106-126 Adi Setiya Grahito

The Role of Parliament in Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of Southeast Asia in International Parliamentary Forums

127-143 Ratih Adiputri

The Impact Evaluation of the Authority Delegation from the District Mayor to the Department of Investment and One-Stop Service (OSS) on Economic Performance in Indonesia

144-159 Tini Partini Nuryawani