Editorial Note

Hanan Nugroho

Does Government Expenditure Affect Poverty, Health, and Education? Evidence from Aceh, Indonesia

1 - 20 Arifka Yusri

Corruption and Firm's Decision to Export: Evidence from Indonesia

21 - 36 Vioni Monica

Export Taxes and Trade Pattern: Case from the Indonesian Mineral Industry

37 - 53 Made Putra Adhi Laksana

Mandatory Spending of Education and Health Budget in Papua

54 - 63 Boy Piter Nizu Kekry

Government Spending by Function and Economic Growth in Maluku Utara: I-O Table and Panel Data Regression Analysis

64 - 80 Zaidan Najmuddin, Amalia Rizkiyani

The Measuring the Efficiency and Productivity of Regional Water Utility Company (PDAM) in Indonesia from 2012 to 2016

81 - 105 Sucia Miranti

Developing Social Capital in Reputation of Jepara as a Carving City

106 - 115 Heni Indrayani, Candra Yudha Satriya, Afifatur Rahma, RR Hilda Octavia Melati Sukma

Neither the Cohabitation of the Father nor the Grandmother Can Help Exclusive Breastfeeding in Indonesia: Empirical Research Using SUSENAS 2019 and 2020

116 - 134 Etania Ranu Andhika

Evaluation of Contribution and Distribution of Special Allocation Fund (DAK) Physical Assignment Thematic of Sustainable Economic Infrastructure Provision

135 - 154 Andi Setyo Pambudi, Devy Paramitha Agnelia, Desak Made Annisa Cahya Putri