Jurnal Perencanaan Pembangunan: The Indonesian Journal of Development Planning is an international journal published by the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (Bappenasthat collaborates with the Indonesia Development Planners Association (Perkumpulan Perencana Pembangunan Indonesia/PPPI). The tagline is bridging knowledge to policy (bridging knowledge and science to make better government programs, regulations and other policies). Jurnal Perencanaan Pembangunan: The Indonesian Journal of Development Planning is accredited with Sinta 3 (Science and Technology Index) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology.

This journal originally was initiated by the Minister of Development Planning/Head of Bappenas - Professor Saleh Afif- with the name of Buletin Perencanaan Pembangunan/BPP (Bulletin of Development Planning) in 1990. Then in 1994, Minister Ginanjar Kartasasmita revived this bulletin under the name Majalah Perencanaan Pembangunan/MPP (Magazine of Development Planning).

In the period of 2015-2017, the Ministers, Andrinof Chaniago, Sofyan Djalil, and Bambang S Brodjonegoro encouraged MPP to transform into an academics journal as one of government think tank tools. Then in the year 2017, the publication officially became Jurnal Perencanaan Pembangunan (The Indonesian Journal of Development Planning).

Jurnal Perencanaan Pembangunan: The Indonesian Journal of Development Planning is an open media for academics, researchers, government officials, and policy practitioners who are interested in delivering research to policy, bridging knowledge to make better government programs and other policies. There is no charge for all processes.

Jurnal Perencanaan Pembangunan: The Indonesian Journal of Development Planning is periodically published three times a year which are in April, August and December of the respective year. JPP applies an open access policy and all articles published will be free for everyone to read and download.


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Editor in Chief (2017-2021)
Senior Planner at Center for Policy Analysis
Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas

Vol. 6 No. 3 (2022): December 2022

Published: Dec 31, 2022

Editor's Note

Hanan Nugroho

Design and Strategy for Welfare-to-Work Policy Implementation in Indonesia: Study on Multiple Activation, Strategy for Strengthening Service Provider Capacity and Response of Affected Groups of Pre-Employment Card (Kartu Prakerja) Program

277 - 291 Muhyiddin Muhyiddin, Rita Parmawati, Muhammad Qomaruddin, Fadillah Putra, Anwar Sanusi

The Effect of Density on Crime: Evidence from Indonesia

292 - 303 Grasia Veranita, Muhammad Halley Yudhistira

Access of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) and Learning Performance of Junior High School Students in Indonesia: Analysis at the District Level

304 - 326 Meriyanti Meriyanti, Thia Jasmina

Mitigation Task Force for Farmer and Worker in Indonesia: A Collaborative Governance Approach in Tobacco Control

327 - 349 Abdillah Ahsan, Pungkas Bahjuri Ali, Krisna Puji Rahmayanti, Renova Glorya Montesori Siahaan, Nadira Amalia

Guaranteed Return to Work for White-Collar and Blue-Collar Workers: Impact of Covid-19 in Western and Eastern Indonesia

350 - 368 Wise Harumi, Nasri Bachtiar, Neng Kamarni

Portrait of Public Service Issues and Recognition Rate of Ombudsman Representative Office in Big Data Perspective

369 - 385 Andi Setyo Pambudi, Istiqlal Abadiyah Sukma Putri, Devy Paramitha Agnelia

Human Resources of Research and Innovation in Indonesia: Reality, Policy Strategy, and Roadmap

386 - 401 Prakoso Bhairawa Putera, Ida Widianingsih, Yan Rianto, Sinta Ningrum, Suryanto Suryanto

Detertminants of CO2 Emission Intensity: Manufacturing Firm-Level Evidence in Indonesia

402 - 419 Melisa Constantia
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